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Join the movement to restore, protect and maintain our river Ganga and her tributaries to their aviral (free-flowing) and nirmal (unpolluted) states. Be a part of the family and engage in meaningful dialogue, positive action and implement working solutions to the issues facing Mother Ganga.

Become a volunteer today, and meet other inspiring members who are taking up these important initiatives in your community. Remember each one can reach ten, so be sure to reach out to your family, friends and community members to get involved and be the change!

volunteer Share Your Ideas and Volunteer With Us!

Dedicate your time, talent and technology to the cause, and reach out to friends and family because Ganga belongs to all!




act  Act Locally!

 Join and inspire your community to be part of positive action.  Organize or take part in a local clean-up and/or our events .





live-green  Live Green!

Find out you can live in a way in harmony with Mother Nature that helps and restore her versus causing her more harm.




thanku  Donate

All donations to  MGBWS(Maa Ganga Bachao Welfare Society) go to its numerous programs, including the construction of biotoilets, planting of trees, and much more.

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Thank You!

Please consider supporting our efforts. Thank you very much!


What is MGBWS?


 Maa Ganga Bachao Welfare Society(MGBWS) is a world family of dedicated volunteers committed to restoring, protecting and maintaining Ganga and Her tributaries in their free-flowing, unpolluted states.

Connect with us

 Head Office: 74,Punjab Pura

Gulab Nagar ,Bareilly

Mo: +91-9359111102


Working Office: 16 A,Javahar Nagar,

Near Gandhi Nagar, Bareilly

Mo: +91-8869848653


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